$11.99 Domain Registration Services     

Free Services

Domain Forwarding, Email Forwarding,
& the Business Card Web Page

You receive these free services with each registered domain: a business card web page, e-mail forwarding, and domain forwarding. The benefit of these services is they allow you to start using your new domain name right away. To set them up, simply go to the client login area using your domain and password, and click on "additional services".

Business Card Web Page
With each domain registration, you receive a free customizable business card web page, where you can insert a photo, a page of text, and several links. It's a quick way to establish a web presence using your new domain name.

E-mail Forwarding
E-mail sent to your new e-mail address will be automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail address. For example, if your new e-mail address was president@newdomain.com, you could have your e-mail directed to your.name@ISP.com.

Domain Forwarding
Already have a web site? With domain forwarding, you can forward your newly registered domain to your existing web site. For example, when a visitor types the new web address, www.newdomain.com, in their web browser, your existing web site (and new domain name) appears. However, a small banner will be displayed on the bottom of your website, which helps us keep this service free.

Customizable DNS Settings
The DNS customization tool enables customers with advanced technical domain knowledge to make and manage unlimited changes to a Domain Name Zone File. Be aware that your name servers must be pointing to our default name servers in order to use this service.
The Customizable DNS service allows you to specify the following zone file additions and modifications:

  • A records
  • CNAME records
  • MX records
  • Sub domains
  • TTL of each record
  • Special host entries (No-host and Catch-all)
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