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How will I use my .name Domain?

Here are some mini-case studies to give you ideas on how you can use your .name now - and in the future.

.name now

The traveler
Sarah Dean is taking a year off from college and plans to travel. Her dad gets her a .name dual registration as a good-bye gift. Wherever she is in the world, he'll know he can always get in touch with his daughter via her .name e-mail address. Then, when Sarah gets back from her travels, she uses her .name domain to create an online album to share photos of the places she explored, with her friends and family.

Digital résumé
Pete Smith has just left college and is looking for his first job. In order to advertise his skills, he uses his website as an online résumé, directing potential employers to his details with his .name web address.

Smooth operator
Adder Ajala is a New York disk jockey. Whenever he meets a woman who catches his eye, he slides a small card into her palm that reads: www.adder.ajala.name. He smiles and whispers, 'here's my name'.

.name in the future

Safe shopping
Nadine Kennedy works in IT and frequently shops online. However, she's aware of the security risks associated with giving out her credit card details and tended to buy online from a few trusted sites. When she bought her .name digital identity, she used it to securely store her financial details. She now shops safely without giving away her credit card number by using her .name as a universally recognized digital signature.

Constant communicator
Monique Desjardins is a science student from Paris. She loves her .name because, instead of having loads of contact numbers and addresses, she has one universal address. Her friends use it to contact her on an array of different devices, including her workstation at college, her cell phone and via her digital TV at home.

Lost and found
Marcello Frusin, while on a business trip to Brazil, lost the bag holding his documentation, his laptop and cell phone. Luckily he had a .name domain, so could log in at a cyber café to view his address book, credit card details and passport number.


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